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Nike overtaking Adidas in Europe


According to a report published by Citi Research, Nike is now  not only the market leader for sporting goods in the world overall, but also in its rival German brand’s back yard of Europe. The report shows the results of a survey taken by 185 European retailers, 56 percent of which said that Nike has gained a greater market share. According to 34 percent of the retailers, the American company did so at the expense of its European rival.

Nike’s European figures are yet to be published. The two groups have differing financial years: For 2013 (Dec.31), Adidas had sales in Europe of  $5.3 billion. Nike in its combined four quarters for last year, made $4.4 billion in sales, but the report suggest that Nike is set to outstrip the Three Stripes at the end of this financial year (April 30).

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