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  Health is the source of happiness, without health, everything is emptiness. Fulltide Enterprise Co., Ltd. pays great attention to the safety of products, hence, it puts the health of the consumer as the first priority among all considerations. We perform strict control from the very source, for example, the raw material we use are from famous and giant international names. Our emphasis on safety and environmental protection has been extended to the suppliers, hence, all the suppliers of the dye intermediates used in the process should meet international environmental protection certified Bluesign standard, although the cost is higher, yet the quality and safety can be ensured. In the meantime, to respond to environmental protection topics, we have put R&D resources aggressively to launch several environmental-protection-based products.
  We take great care on every detail of the production of each yard of cloth. Our full dedication is to provide consumers with safe and reliable products and to hold tight consumer’s total trust on our company!
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