Social Responsibility
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Corporate governance
  We bear the corporate governance spirit of “Customer is number one, innovation and break-through, and integrity and sharing” to dedicate ourselves to any innovative activities for our company. We use perfect business operation system to reach harmony between the labor and capital sides and to provide feedback to the shareholders, eventually, its sustaining business operation concept can be maintained. A solid and healthy board of directors is the basis of corporate governance because it can effectively exploit its monitoring and consultation function, and eventually fulfill all the commitments it has made for corporate governance.
Enterprise commitment
  Human resource is the most important asset of an enterprise. We care so much on all the rights the employees should have, and we do not discriminate any employee due to gender or race. We provide good working environment, and we also hold educational training for environmental safety periodically for all employees. We provide solid incubation system and sufficient resource to encourage all the colleagues to make continuous learning and to incubate a better team of this company.
Feedback to the society
  Enterprise and society depends on each other. As the enterprise keeps its development and growth and as we take the resources from this society, we also bear a mind of gratitude to have a harmonious relationship with this society. We keep giving feedback to this society to fulfill enterprise’s social responsibility.
Environmental protection
  We keep investing our efforts in environmental protection aggressively, and we apply Bluesign label to ensure that the production process flow and product can meet the strictest environmental protection standards around the world. We provide products of environmental protection, health and safety basis to the public. In our daily business operation, we have fulfilled energy saving and carbon reduction concept as well as environmental protection concept.
  We believe that we still hold a correct direction for future development and involvement. In the future, Fulltide Enterprise Co., Ltd. will work harder to become a good enterprise citizen and to fulfill its enterprise social responsibility!
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