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  Each colleague is an important small gear of this company, and is an indispensable part for assisting business operation of this company. Therefore, each member of Fulltide Enterprise Co., Ltd. has focused on his job to pursue excellence. We never withdraw ourselves back when we have faced problems, and we have delved into the root of the problem to improve it.
  Fulltide Enterprise Co., Ltd. dares to give the chance to its employees for making mistakes, because, each mistake is a chance to learn. As long as our colleagues face their faults bravely and change their actions next time, Fulltide Enterprise Co., Ltd. is always willing to give another chance to them. We hope that our colleagues can learn and grow through trial and error process. We also hope that our colleagues can learn the wisdom and experiences and keep holding the goal to solve the problem, hopefully, a solution for the any problem can be found out. Do not limit yourself, and please keep confidence on yourself and your colleague. Through group discussion, we hope that the thoughts from all the colleagues can be gathered.
  We hope that we can jump away from the blind spots of our thoughts and think out together a solution for the problems in this company. By doing so, we think that a continuous growth for this company is possible, and the setup of culture for aggressive search of solutions for issues in this company will be possible.
  We encourage our colleagues to pursue innovation, which is not limited to R&D. We also expect that everyone can work hard to find areas that can be improved so that the entire business operation will be improved. We also expect our colleagues to propose innovative ideas so that amazing results can be reached some day in the future.
  We strongly believe that there is no sunset industry but only sunset product. Therefore, we observe the global market with our heart and analyze the industry trend. We keep our R&D efforts to improve the existed products and to satisfy our customers.
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