6S Award
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Purpose of the activity: This activity can incubate good working habit for the employee, in other words, it can create excellent group for the enterprise, and such group knows management, performs continuous improvement and possesses good literacy.
Implementation method
Seiri: Sort out all the unnecessary objects in the work site and only leave the necessary objects.
Seiton: Place any object according to its specified location, and please also label and leave any necessary object.
Seiso: Please clean thoroughly the working site and keep a clean working environment.
Seiketsu: Please keep the results of the above “sorting”, “arrangement” and “sweeping”.
Shitsuke: Please keep good discipline and good habit.
Safety: Enhance safety consciousness and keep in mind safety is the first priority. Prevent the happening of any accident in advance.
Rules for rewards
Evaluation should be done based on department as a unit. Team work spirit should be reinforced, and all the departments should be encouraged to do their jobs regarding 6S management. Ranking should be done according to the grading on monthly basis, for the top three departments with score higher than 85, awards should be given ($5000 NT dollars, $3000 NT dollars, $2000 NT dollars), and the award meeting should made at the monthly meeting in the next month.
Event Title
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