Quality Control
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Production system goals
Production Control
Inspection System
Quality policy
  We have passed ISO 9001:2008 international certification, and the product inspection operation can then follow perfect and strict standard operation procedure (SOP). We have solid quality management system to ensure good quality on all the manufactured products to meet customer’s requirements.
  The implementation of ISO system not only enhances our quality performance and enhances product reliability, but also enhances customer’s trust on Fulltide Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Test Center
  Fulltide Enterprise Co., Ltd. owns diversified and professional test equipment to perform all kinds of tests according to brand’s standard, requirement and regulations.
Test Category
  Standards, requirement and Buyer’s specification are the basis for our testing.
A. Color Fastness Tests   B. Strength Tests   C. Fabric Performance Tests   D. Other Tests
Standardized testing center
“Create excellent quality to meet customer’s need” is our goal, and we will cooperate with all departments of this company to meet this goal.
We will audit in quarterly basis the test skill and concept of the internal personnel, and such personnel will also be examined to make sure they are capable of their jobs.
Comparison test will be conducted each half year with a third party fair and just department directly by our company.
All the measurement equipment of this department will be periodically maintained and repaired so that the equipment can meet the test functions needed for the product, and eventually, the highest accuracy of test quality can be maintained.
All the measurement equipment will be outsourced periodically each year to departments above second level for calibration.
Receive the Decathlon certification every 18 months.
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