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Special processing office & Coating lab
It is a very important department to provide the resource of core technology for Fulltide Enterprise Co., Ltd. It continuously adds new equipment and diversified machine models in its department.
Coater: Multi-functional coater machines can be used to manufacture diversified cloths and to enhance the uniformity and planarity in the glue coating process, finally, the production efficiency can be enhanced and the goal of excellent product quality can be reached. In addition, we own a complete set and diversified coating blade , which can be adjusted according to the requirement and function of different cloth. Moreover, fully automatically controlled detection and exhaust system is used to guarantee the product quality and to ensure the safety within the plant.
Mellowing machine: We own all kinds of mellowing machines ranging from 30 tons to 120 tons with diversified functions, and they can perform different sorts of improvements on the product to enhance the product quality.
Toluene recycling machine: Toluene recycling system is installed so as to recycle effectively the evaporated organic solvent and to enhance environmental protection performance as well as to reduce the pollution.
  In order to enhance the stability of quality of products of Fulltide Enterprise Co., Ltd., the operation station of special processing office of this company has totally adopted computer-automated control. In the meantime, human machine interface and automated control system have been used, together with multi-function and diversified machine models, the production efficiency is greatly enhance. Fulltide insists on providing the best quality product to its customer.


Coating lab     Coating lab has worked closely with R&D department to develop new product and improve the existed products continuously. In the meantime, we keep observing the market trend and keep learning the strengths from our competitors. Furthermore, we keep innovating new products and enhancing product’s quality to provide a total satisfaction to our customers.
We reform the product according to customer complaint or customer’s feedback on the current product. Through sale personnel’s understanding on customer’s demand, our company has performed product development and sample preparation, then after lots of tests and inspections and after confirmation of product quality, we will then perform mass production. Through such as process, the defective rate is greatly reduced, and the production efficiency is greatly enhanced too. Through collaboration from different departments, customer can have the chance to enjoy the best product!
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