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Fulltide Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1973 at Shulin Township of New Taipei City. In 1991, to respond to the environmental protection policy of government, the plant is moved to Dayuan Township of Taoyuan County (which occupies an area of 5700 pings), and waste water treatment equipment was installed too. We have accumulated technical experiences for more than 40 years, and we are now thinking about transforming our business model from the past OEM model to a new one. We make every attempt to enhance our business core competence, and we provide a one-stop process from design, development, dying to post-processing, in other words, we provide more complete service and total solution to our customer.
Our main focus was on innovative and professional functional textile product. We have associated with famous brands around the world to become their strategic partner. In 2010, we have become the leading supplier of environmental fabrics of bag material type around the world. Sustaining operation is the mission of Fulltide Enterprise Co., Ltd., and Fulltide has dedicated itself to the production of environmentally friendly products using energy saving and environmental process. In 2012, Fulltide has acquired Bluesign certification and formed a green supply chain with the global brand. Meanwhile, we grow with our brand through sustaining development model.
Business operation concept


1973 Fulltide Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded
1991 To act in accordance with government’s environmental protection policy, the company was moved to Tayuan Township of Taoyuan County (which occupies an area of 5700 pings). We spend lots of money in installing waste water treatment equipment.
2002 Our company has introduced enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, and through information integration, effective management and cost reduction can be reached.
2003 We have applied “Plan for helping the development of traditional industrial technology” through the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Our developed “functional air-inflated clothes” has been invited to join the technology development result exhibition held by Industrial Development Bureau, in the same year, patents have been applied in USA, Taiwan and Mainland, etc.
2004 The air-inflated clothes developed by our company have acquired patents from Mainland China and Korea.

The air-inflated clothes developed by our company have acquired patents from Taiwan and Japan. And air-inflated back pack has acquired patent from Mainland.

We have successfully developed environmental protection product, which can replace PVC and TPU product and was named “Mega-PU”.


We are the recipient of the excellent service award of ADIDAS.

We have acquired OEKO-TEX environmental protection certification of Europe. The product has passed REACH test.

The air-inflated clothes developed by our company have acquired the R&D patent of Russian this year.


We have successfully transformed ourselves into the specified suppliers of the bag material type cloth for highly functional exercise brands (such as Nike and PUMA, etc.).

We have dedicated ourselves to the development and production of recycled yarn product.

We have installed additional water-saving dying machine and environmental protection boiler to reduce water source and to reduce energy consumption. We have successfully developed Mega-PU advanced version “2-Side Mega-PU”.


We have successfully become the specified supplier of bag material type cloth of exterior exercise brands (The North Face and Camelbak, etc.).

Setting machine thermal recycling system is installed for energy saving and carbon reduction. 


We have become the leading supplier of recycled yarn fabric of bag material type around the world.

Toluene recycling machine is added to reduce air pollution, and central air compressor is also installed for energy saving and carbon reduction.

Add additional calender and laminating machine, with monthly capacity of 3 million yards.


We were the recipient of the service award of best raw material supplier of NIKE.

Coating lab is set up.

Add additional coating machine , and the monthly production capacity can reach 3.5 million yards. Apply for BLUE SIGN certification.


Acquire BLUE SIGN certification, which is the newest regulation and standard of environment protection around the world.

We are awarded as “excellent enterprise” by the County Government for our promotion of carbon reduction and water saving project.

We apply “assistance to dying plant for the implementation of ISO-50001 energy management regulation consultation” through MOEA (Ministry of Economic Affairs).

Purchase acid control system of dying machine so as to save energy consumption and to enhance the production capacity.

Set up thermal recycling system for dying machine, inverter for blower of wastewater treatment equipment, thermal recycling system for condenser water and waste heat recycling system for continuous washing machine so as to achieve the goal of energy saving and carbon reduction.

Update and add mellowing machine, dying machine and coating machine so as to enhance the production efficiency, and the monthly capacity reached can be 4 million yards. 

2013 Acquire ISO 9001 certification.
2014  Add waste water recovery system. 
2015  Add waste Accelerate the development of water-based PU and PFC-free products
2017  Investment of  RTO system & Natural Gas.
2018  Add  PU-R & Solar Panel & Lamination Machine.


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