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Succession of corporate culture
  We operate our business based on integrity and we value our human resources too. We incubate our human resource and provide all kinds of curriculum continuously to give them professional knowledge and to inspire their potentials. In the meantime, we encourage employee’s autonomous learning to enhance their competitiveness. Our goal is to expect the simultaneous growth of the colleague and the enterprise.
Continuous multi-element learning
  We emphasize highly on experiential teaching. Through diversified curriculum, we internalize corporate culture and value into the behavior of an individual. In the meantime, we enhance employee’s skills in all aspects to promote the overall working performance of the employees.
Educational training for new recruiters: For new recruiters, we provide all kinds of explanatory curriculum, which include working rules, labor’s safety, rules and policies of the company, environmental protection management, introduction of security and fire-fighting alarm, to help new recruiters to know better the environment.
On-job training: Each month, department director will provide curriculum such as: educational training on protection devices, production and processing precautions of all stages, operation safety of organic solvent, physical property and characteristic explanation of PU glue and coating technique to incubate employee’s professional skills.
Monthly meeting exchange: Department director should lecture on different topics and exchange with colleagues to enhance the cohesive force among them.
Enhance the environmental safety consciousness: Each year, environmental safety department should reinforce its protection on the employees through fire-fighting training and labor’s safety and hygiene educational training.
Incubation of management human resource
  Depending on different job level and for supervisors above section manager, appropriate curriculum will be designed and planned respectively, for example, LEAN management and practices on ISO. It not only incubates the leadership of the directors from different departments, but also enhances their management capabilities, and eventually, the entire organization will operate more efficiently.
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